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Stress Free Naturally Guided Meditations

Jun 23, 2020

A easy guided meditation for when you feel scattered and off-balance. This meditation will leave you feeling balanced, at peace, and rejuvenated.

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May 29, 2020

Enjoy this short visualization meditation when you feel stifled from allowing your inner self to shine through. It will allow you to let go of feelings of shame, guilt, and fear of judgment. 

#lettinggo #relaxation

May 10, 2020

A short, easy, guided visualization meditation that will allow you to experience relaxation while becoming present in the moment. You will feel a new confidence as you let go of stress and embrace the now.

#centering #lettinggo 

Apr 30, 2020

An easy, guided meditation that will allow you to show yourself love, understanding, and grace. This guided visualization helps you to become more gentle with yourself, letting go of your harshest inner critic. 

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Apr 22, 2020

In these times it can be easy to become emotionally and energetically entangled with those we are in close quarters with. This cord cutting meditation is easy and guided. It will allow you to create healthy boundaries around your emotions and energy while respecting those of others. 

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